Mobility Programme

Our Mobility Programme offers a hassle-free motoring solution. While your vehicle is under the Warranty and/or Maintenance contract. Should it be immobilised due to a part not delivered within 48 hours, you will be provided with an alternative vehicle until the part has been fitted and your car is back on the road. You can be confident that Peugeot will keep you mobile to continue with your daily activity.
Peugeot keeps you on the move with our mobility program!

Terms and Conditions

  • The vehicle must be under Warranty and/or a Full Maintenance Plan
  • The vehicle must be in an Authorised Peugeot Workshop
  • The vehicle must be immobilised i.e. not able to be legally driven without the required part. The exception is, if the vehicle requires a safety or critical part. eg. an airbag.
  • The part must be ordered by the dealer via the VOR (urgent) mode
  • Vehicles out of Warranty or Maintenance Plan do not qualify for Mobility