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When searching the net for maintenance advice on your vehicle, you will find that there are endless articles on this topic. We know that all vehicles carry some sort of warranty and this differs from one brand to another, we also know that there are differences between service plans, maintenance plans and vehicle warranties.

An extended vehicle warranty will help cover the pricey costs of vehicle repairs when the manufacturer warranty has expired.

But what happens when you’ve hit the end of the road with your warranty but still have an active maintenance plan? What benefit would this be to you?

The mobility programme designed by PSA France was specifically engineered for vehicles falling under the PSA Warranty and Maintenance policy. Peugeot’s new Mobility Programme is strategically divided into two separate policies and procedures.

The first is mobility for vehicles under the carmaker’s warranty and the latter, mobility for vehicles with an active PCSA maintenance plan, that is no longer under warranty.

Depending on the repairs to be carried out courtesy vehicles are rented through a rental agency by the authorised Peugeot Dealership in order for the customer to be mobile while the vehicle is still under warranty and physically in the workshop.

In order to qualify for mobility the vehicle must be under Warranty and/or a Full Maintenance Plan. The vehicle must be in an authorised Peugeot workshop, and be immobilised.

If the vehicle is out of warranty or maintenance plan the customer does not qualify for the moblity programme.

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